R' U' F R2 F2 D2 R2 F2 D2 U' F2 D F2 R' F L D2 U F2 R U B2 L' R' U' F
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End date: Fri, 10 Dec at 17:00 (UTC)

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— Check the cube scrambled state by using image
— Solution must include common moves R, U, F, L, D, B, or Rw, Uw, Fw, Lw, Dw, Bw and rotations x, y, z (including primes), separeted with spaces. Using such moves as M, E or S is not allowed. Rotations aren't counted towards the move count of the final solution.
— Using scramble parts is forbiden (you can't just use inverse scramble as solution)
— You are not allowed to use automated programm to generate solution.
Also read detailed rules of contests.