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  • Nuno Ricardo Cordeiro Serafim

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    Submitted solves

    328 33 R' U' F D L2 R2 F2 D F2 U F2 L2 U' L D' L2 B' U F' L D R' F2 L2 R' U' F L2 R2 F D L2 D R' L B2 U B U B2 U2 B L2 B' U L B' R' F R' F D' F' D F' R2 B U' L' U2 (33) (l): L2 R2 F // 1x1x2 (3/3)
    (m): D L2 D R' // 2x2x2 + 3 pairs (4/7)
    (u): L B2 U B U B2 // 2x2x3 (6/13)
    (v): U2 B L2 B' // f2l-1 (4/17)
    (w): U L // set pair for inverse (2/19)
    (x)': U2 L // f2l (2/21)
    (A): B' R' F R' F D' F' D F' R2 B U' // OLL with PLL skip + AUF (12/33)

    Here's the "move loop": (x) N (l) (m) (u) (v) (w) (A)
    The solution is therefore S4: (l) (m) (u) (v) (w) (A) (x)

    S4: (L2 R2 F) (D L2 D R') (L B2 U B U B2) (U2 B L2 B') (U L) (B' R' F R' F D' F' D F' R2 B U') (L' U2) // 33 moves

    This was my 4th solution for this scramble. The skip is nice and I liked the way how the inverse allowed to finish the f2l efficiently. I've still got a long way to go, though. Without using EO or DR, I feel way out of my league. Also, learning a few alg sets, like ZBLL would definitely improve my average move count, but I don't have much time for cubing, much less for FMC. The only reason why I attempted this scramble is because it was a way to pass time while traveling.
    If you get bored when traveling, FMC is a great way to spend time.