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    This project was made for cubers who want to train their skills in FMC on regular basis, compete with others and share their solutions. However, you must adhere to the rules described below.

    About Contests

    • It's a weekly contests which starts (and ends) every Friday at 17:00 (UTC).
    • The main format — Best of 1. But every last week of the month — Mean of 3.
    • Don't spoil your solutions until the ongoing contest ends.

    Results Submission

    • You must submit a description of your solution so that other users can understand your steps. View other descriptions to see an example. Use any format convenient for understanding.
    • Solution must contain only common moves [R U F L D B], two layer moves [Rw Uw Fw Lw Dw Bw] and rotations [x y z] including needed primes or double moves.
    • Rotations don't count in final solution length.
    • Rotations of middle layers like [M E S] are not allowed.
    • Moves must be uppercased and separated by spaces.
    • You must not use parts of the scramble as the solution.
    • Do not use automated programs to generate results.

    Gross Violations and Cheating

    • Solutions generated by automated programs or those using any variations of scramble inversion as the final solution are considered as gross violations.
    • A solution would be removed from the results page if a case of cheating is discovered.
    • A repeating of a gross violation will result in competitor's ban from submitting results and being displayed in the rating.