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  • Lichi Fang (方力驰)

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    Submitted solves

    348 22 R' U' F R2 D R2 F2 U2 L2 F2 U' B2 L' U2 B L2 B' L U B L2 U' R' U' F R' B2 R D2 B2 D2 R2 B2 D2 L U2 L' U R' D2 L' F2 R' D2 U B' L (22) (L'B) //EO 2/2
    (U') //RZP 1/3
    (D2 R F2 L D2 R U)//DR 7/10
    R' B2 R'// reduce to 2qt
    B2 R B2 R' // HTR
    U2// leave 2e2e + E slice in 17 moves

    Write out the skeleton, the U2 at the end cancel 1 move from inverse:

    R' B2 R' [*] B2 {R B2 R'} U R' D2 L' F2 R' D2 U B' L

    Insert 2e2e alg:
    [*] = R2D2B2D2R2B2D2B2 (8-3 =5)

    Rewrite to solve E slice:
    {R B2 R'} —$gt; {Rw B2 Rw‘} == {L U2 L'}

    Final solution: R'B2RD2B2D2R2B2D2LU2L'UR'D2L'F2R'D2UB'L