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Contest Scramble Solution Explanation
216 R' U' F R2 U B2 L2 U' B2 U B2 U' L2 F R2 F2 R' F2 R B' F2 R U R' U' F L2 F B D' L U B' U R' D R' B2 U R2 F2 D B2 D' R2 U
20 moves
L2 F B // Pseudo White 2x2
D' L U B' U // 1st Yellow Pair
R' D // 2nd Yellow Pair
R' // Top and Bottom either White or Yellow + 1st Orange Pair
B2 // Psuedo White 1x2x3 + (Psuedo Yellow 1x2x3 / Yellow 2x2)
U // 2 White Pairs
R2 // Green 2x2 + Orange Pair + Blue Pair
F2 // 2x2x2 + Red 1x2x3 + White 2x2
D // Green-Red Line
B2 // White 1x2x3
D' // 2x2x3
R2 // F2L
U // AUF