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    158 34 R' U' F D B2 R2 B2 U2 L2 U B2 F2 D2 R' U2 B2 R B2 R' B' L D R2 B' U2 R' U' F U' L' D2 B U B D' F D U' F U F2 D L' F2 D R' D' L D R F' D' F L' F' L2 F L' F L F2 L' (34) First 6 moves is 2x2x2 next 6 moves is 2x2x3 and next 2 moves are F2L-1. Here I do L' F2 and then do the insertion that is in this state UFR to LFD to LFU and cancel one move. I also ended up canceling another 2 moves because the last move of the cancelled insertion is the inverse of the next move. Then I finish off doing EO and get a 3 Move insert cancelling into and AUF-less sune giving me a 34 Move solution. (PB)